The College at Mid-America’s heartbeat is to connect the classroom to the community. Reaching people for Christ is the basis upon which the school was founded, and this passion motivates the president, the faculty, the curriculum, and even the chapel programs. Your presence at The College at Mid-America indicates that you share this motivation. The GO! Program exists to provide students with the opportunity to fulfill the mission of the school through community service.


The GO! Program is the demonstration of what the student learns in the classroom. Students are expected to fulfill the biblical command to love their neighbor and thus are required to serve in community service sites each week and report on the work completed. By serving weekly, the student connects the classroom to the practical aspects of community service.



Requirements for the GO! Program


Each student enrolled in the GO! Program must complete an average of one service hour per week during the semester, for a total of 15 hours of service each semester.

  1. The college meets for chapel services on Wednesdays. The first 15 minutes of chapel is dedicated for students to report on their experiences at community service sites in the GO! Program. The director and professors also report on their experiences during this required session. Students must not have more than three unexcused absences from chapel during the semester.
  2. Students must report their service hours on the Practical Missions website.


The Relationship of the GO! Program to Tuition Rates


The GO! Program is an integral part of the training for every student enrolled at the college.


Students failing to complete the requirements for the GO! Program or who choose not to participate are subject to payment of an Exemption Fee of $1,500. For more information about the GO! Program contact

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