10 Reasons to Help

1.  A gift to Mid-America helps expand God’s kingdom.
Our students have won over 150,000 people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ since 1972. 
2.  A gift to Mid-America is an investment in an institution with a focus on soul-winning.
Since our beginning in 1972 with four professors and twenty-eight students, our founding president, Dr. Gray Allison, insisted that Mid-America students take Matthew 28:19-20 seriously.  Our students must be a witness for Jesus Christ and participate in the practical missions program or not receive academic credit.   
3.  A gift to Mid-America is an investment in the life and future ministry of a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
Mid-America is not an ordinary Seminary.  God leads students to us who have the call of God on their hearts with a desire to minister.  A financial gift to Mid-America enriches the lives of our students by reducing the financial strains of gaining a seminary education.  They graduate quicker, get on the field faster, and can serve the Lord longer.  Thus, financial gifts to Mid-America support the lives and ministries of our students.     
4.  A gift to Mid-America makes a seminary education affordable.
The cost to attend Mid-America per semester hour is far below that of other Southern Baptist seminaries because of the financial gifts.  There is no need for our students to borrow money to gain a seminary education. 
5.  A gift to Mid-America prevents student debt accumulation.
Because of the ease to assume student loans today, many of our new students come to us with excessive student debt due to loans for their undergraduate degrees.  Because of our donors, students can gain a seminary education without assuming more debt.
6.  A gift to Mid-America strengthens the local church.
Mid-America students are trained how to conduct ministry practically at the local church level.  They are expected to take what they learn in the classroom and get involved in people’s lives within the fabric of the local church through preaching, teaching, and discipling.  Over ninety percent of our graduates are in ministry today.    
7.  A gift to Mid-America helps spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth.
Because of our academic requirement that students witness to the lost each week, they develop a lifestyle of evangelism.  Telling the Gospel story becomes a life-long joy, and they spread the precious seed of the Gospel wherever God plants them.
8.  A gift to Mid-America is an investment in an institution that produces servants of God who believe and preach the Bible as the Word of God.
We believe in and teach the inerrancy of Scripture.  Our students are trained to preach and teach the Word of God because it is the only medium that convicts the sinner, matures the saint, and never returns void from the purpose God wants it to accomplish.
9.  A gift to Mid-America is an investment with eternal dividends.
A financial gift to Mid-America is an investment in a student body that preaches and teaches the Word of God and regularly tells the gospel story to those who are lost.  Mid-America students win hundreds to Christ each year.  There is no greater eternal dividend than that.
10.  A gift to Mid-America is one of those rare investments that sow tenfold but reap one hundredfold.    
Unrestricted financial gifts to Mid-America are deposited into the general budget and allow us to keep our costs low, especially our tuition costs.  All of our 350+ students benefit from each gift.  In a short time, all of the current 350 students will be out on the field both overseas and at home, serving the Lord in ministry, witnessing, preaching, and teaching.  Sowing financial gifts to Mid-America will benefit each of our current students.  Later when those same students are out in ministry, those gifts reap through souls saved, churches planted, and the gospel preached.  

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