Welcome to the Reaffirmation Homepage for Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS).


MABTS is committed to integrity and quality in its programs and services and this site provides information regarding our participation in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges reaffirmation of accreditation.


Please direct questions to Dr. Julia Bickley, Director of Institutional Assessment (901) 751-3078.



1. Integrity

1.1 Integrity


2. Core Requirements

2.1 Degree-granting authority
2.2 Governing board
2.3 Chief executive officer
2.4 Institutional mission
2.5 Institutional effectiveness
2.6 Continuous operation
2.7.1 Program length
2.7.2 Program content
2.7.3 General education
2.7.4 Course work for degrees
2.8 Faculty
2.9 Learning resources and services
2.10 Student support services
2.11.1 Financial resources
2.11.2 Physical resources


3. Comprehensive Standards

3.1 Institutional Mission

3.1.1 Mission

3.2 Governance and Administration

3.2.1 CEO evaluation/selection
3.2.2 Governing board control

3.2.3 Board conflict of interest
3.2.4 External influence
3.2.5 Board dismissal
3.2.6 Board/administration distinction
3.2.7 Organizational structure
3.2.8 Qualified administrative/academic officers
3.2.9 Personnel appointment
3.2.10 Administrative staff evaluations
3.2.11 Control of intercollegiate athletics
3.2.12 Fund-raising activities

3.2.13 Institution-related entities
3.2.14 Intellectual property rights

3.3 Institutional Effectiveness

3.3.1 Institutional effectiveness Educational programs, to include student learning outcomes Administrative support services Academic and student support services Research within its mission, if appropriate Community/public service within its mission, if appropriate

3.4 All Educational Programs

3.4.1 Academic program approval

3.4.2 Continuing education/service programs
3.4.3 Admissions policies
3.4.4 Acceptance of academic credit
3.4.5 Academic policies
3.4.6 Practices for awarding credit
3.4.7 Consortia relationships/contractual agreements
3.4.8 Non-credit to credit
3.4.9 Academic support services
3.4.10 Responsibility for curriculum
3.4.11 Academic program coordination
3.4.12 Technology use

3.5 Educational Programs: Undergraduate Programs

3.5.1 General education competencies
3.5.2 Institutional credits for a degree
3.5.3 Undergraduate program requirements
3.5.4 Terminal degrees of faculty

3.6 Educational Programs: Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate Professional Programs

3.6.1 Post-baccalaureate program rigor
3.6.2 Graduate curriculum
3.6.3 Institutional credits for a graduate degree
3.6.4 Post-baccalaureate program requirements

3.7 Faculty

3.7.1 Faculty competence
3.7.2 Faculty evaluation
3.7.3 Faculty development
3.7.4 Academic freedom
3.7.5 Faculty role in governance

3.8 Library and Other Learning Resources

3.8.1 Learning/information resources
3.8.2 Instruction of library use
3.8.3 Qualified staff

3.9 Student Affairs and Services

3.9.1 Student rights
3.9.2 Student records
3.9.3 Qualified staff

3.10 Financial and Physical Resources

3.10.1 Financial stability
3.10.2 Financial aid audits

3.10.3 Control of finances
3.10.4 Control of sponsored research/external funds

3.11 Physical Resources

3.11.1 Control of physical resources
3.11.2 Institutional environment
3.11.3 Physical facilities

3.12 Substantive Change

3.12.1 Substantive change

3.13 Policy Compliance

3.13.1 Policy compliance

3.13.2 Collaborative academic arrangements: policy and procedures

3.13.3 Complaint procedures against the commission or its accredited institutions

3.13.4 Reaffirmation of accreditation and subsequent reports

3.13.4.a Applicable policy statement

3.13.4.b Applicable policy statement

3.13.5 Seperate accreditation for units of a member institution

3.13.5.a Applicable policy statement

3.13.5.b Applicable policy statement

3.14 Representation of Status with the Commission

3.14.1 Publication of accreditation status


4. Federal Requirements

4.1 Student achievement
4.2 Program curriculum
4.3 Publication of policies
4.4 Program length
4.5 Student complaints
4.6 Recruitment materials
4.7 Title IV program responsibilities
4.8 Distance and correspondence education

4.9 Definition of credit hours


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