This is an exciting time to consider studying at Mid-America. After 32 years of providing theological education at a resident campus located in Schenectady, NY, we are transitioning to an online-only model under the Mid-America Global Northeast initiative.


Under the MOVE (mentored, online, virtual, education) concept, all of our online students in the northeast will be organized into local community groups. This will help foster cross-collaboration and cohesion among our students. Each group will be mentored by a local pastor or church staff leader who will provide a bridge between academics and local church ministry. Additionally, mentors will provide discipleship, a listening ear, and accountability as students navigate through life's challenges.


Mentors will lead 4-8 group meetings with their students per semester and will meet one-on-one as necessary. This is a cutting-edge concept that will replicate the student-professor relationship that normally occurs in a resident environment. MOVE community groups will remain small in size to help create the proper medium for growth and maturity of our students. Now, some distinctives about our institution. 


There are three distinctives that set us apart from other institutions: first is our focus on evangelism. Many schools will talk about the subject and even have that subject on the curriculum. At Mid-America, our students do evangelism. As part of the Witness 1:7 or GO! programs, our students share their faith in rest homes, travel centers, jails, prisons and on the streets in the communities that surround their churches. Evangelism is not just a challenge we have to contend with day by day. It is something our students do day by day. It is the only way to fulfill the Great Commission.


Second is our commitment to scholarship. All of our professors have earned doctorate degrees in their fields of expertise and are dedicated to imparting knowledge to a younger generation through a mentoring and discipleship model. Additionally, our professors have a wide range of field experience from years in the pastorate to years on the international mission field leading, teaching and functioning in a myriad of administrative roles.


Third is our cost. I challenge you to compare the cost per semester hour at Mid-America with other seminaries and colleges. You will not find a quality education anywhere that can compare with Mid-America.


I invite you to consider studying with us. I pray that God will lead you our way.




Dr. Mike Haggard

Northeast MOVE Coordinator

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