Frequently Asked Questions


How is the Northeast Campus affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention?

The Northeast Campus is Southern Baptist by theology, but operates independently of the Convention. We hold tightly to the same beliefs, but are not supported by the Cooperative Program as the SBC seminaries are. Our professors are Southern Baptists by conviction before joining the faculty.


What degree programs are available at the Northeast Campus?

We offer Associate and Master level degree programs. Our degree programs focus on preparing students for full time ministry in education, missions or the local church.


Does the Northeast Campus provide financial aid?

Yes, we offer a monthly payment plan each semester as well as scholarship opportunities once a student enters his second year. We also work with churches and organizations who are helping students with their tuition costs. We do not accept Federal loans or grants.


Is student housing available at the Northeast Campus?

Yes.  The Northeast Campus has an agreement with the Bruns Realty Group to provide student housing at a new and updated apartment complex located a convenient fifteen minutes away from the campus. The housing costs are subsidized so the student pays about half of the market rate for an apartment. (For housing costs and information on housing, click here.)


Does the Northeast Campus have an admissions policy regarding divorce?

Yes. The Northeast Campus does not admit for degree-seeking study any student who has been divorced, or who is married to a spouse who has been divorced before. (For the full policy and biblical explanation, click here.)


What is Practical Missions?

We believe that Practical Missions is a key component of a complete education for ministry. The Practical Missions program allows students to put their training into action by serving in local ministries. Students are responsible for spending a prescribed amount of time each week working in an approved ministry setting, and also for personal witnessing. (To see more regarding our Practical Missions, click here.)


Is the Northeast Campus an accredited institution?

Yes. The degree programs are fully accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the New York State Board of Regents.


What are the qualifications of the Northeast Campus faculty?

Our faculty members have earned masters degrees and doctoral degrees. Our faculty has published books exploring a wide range of topics, in addition to hundreds of articles and professional presentations. (To see faculty bios, click here.)


What does a typical semester at the Northeast Campus cost?

Current tuition is just $225 per credit hour. A typical full time 15-hour traditional class semester will cost $3,375, plus a Campus Fee of $220, for a total of $3,595. Online and Mini-Term classes are slightly more, $253 per credit hour. (For more tuition and fees information, click here.)


Is there a dress code at the Northeast Campus?

Yes. Mid-America students are asked to wear clothing that would fit into a “business casual” atmosphere. Men are asked to wear collared shirts with no logos, tucked into nice pants (no jeans), and to wear nice shoes (no athletic shoes or sandals). Women students are asked to wear nice pants (no jeans or capris) with blouses, or dresses of appropriate length, with no see-through or low-cut items.


Does the Northeast Campus train women students for the ministry?

Yes, but not for the ministry position of pastor. We admit female students to study in the fields of Christian Education and Missions. (For the full policy and biblical explanation, click here.)


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