The Northeast Campus of Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary was established in 1987 to train and equip soul-winning servants of God with the tools necessary to navigate a post-Christian culture and society. Our efforts continue under the Mid-America Global Northeast initiative. The primary purpose is to provide each graduate with solid biblical and theological training for effective service in church-related and missions vocations such as pastor, church staff member, missionary, Christian educator, and others.
Our professors will guide students into a thorough understanding of the Bible and its relevance for today, preparing those who have been called of God to preach and teach the Word of God. Further preparation is offered through instruction in preaching, counseling, administration, and cross-cultural ministry. In addition, all students participate in the Practical Missions Program and are encouraged to be involved in local churches during their seminary days.
In the light of its stated institutional purpose, Mid-America Global Northeast seeks to achieve the following general educational objectives in its academic programs:
  1. To develop an understanding of the Bible and its relevance for today;
  2. To develop a comprehensive theological framework within which to interpret God’s message to man’s need;
  3. To develop a functional philosophy of Christian ministry in contemporary society;
  4. To develop personal spiritual vitality and Christian character through Bible study, prayer, and devotional reading;
  5. To develop appropriate skills required to preach, teach, and otherwise communicate the Word of God;
  6. To develop appropriate skills required to exercise leadership positions in the church and denomination;
  7. To develop the appropriate skills required to communicate the Gospel and plant churches cross culturally;
  8. To develop a Great Commission worldview to encourage involvement in missions endeavors and support; and
  9. To develop a personal commitment to and involvement in evangelism nationally and internationally.
For resident students, our open door policy insures that each faculty member is always available to assist students in a personal way. For our online students, pastor/mentors are available for the same purpose. Our distinctive faculty and mentors not only train students, but they also lead by example. All are active soul-winners, and are active in local Southern Baptist churches.
The Mid-America Global Northeast means more than just academic training. Our distinctive commitment to evangelism, missions and the inerrant Word of God prepares our students for effective ministry anywhere God calls them to serve.

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